Meet the council

We are are the members of the CICC. We are between the age of 13-18 see our profiles below for more information about each individual young person.  


I'm Belinda, I'm 14 years old and my favourite colour is orange. I have a pet cat and three foster brothers along witha  supportive family. My hobbies are singing, dancing and acting. People know me best for my art skills. 

I joined the Children in Care Council because I want to improve and make care better for all children in it. My ambition is to be a Foster Carer and to be an Actor and Singer. 


My name is Emily. I am 15 years old. My favourite food is chocolatw and I joined the care council to help other children get through being in care. 


My name is Emily. I am 16 years old and want to trail the world and become a Photographer. Also I am currently studying for GCSEs and hoping to get into college and study Photogrpahy level 2. 


Hi, my name is Jody and I am 15 years old. I like to listen to music and love to hang out with friends. I enjoy day dreaming and being in my own world! I come to the Children in Care Council so that my thoughts for the future can come to life. 


Hello I am Megan, I am 16 years old and currently in 6th Form. I really enjoy drumming, listening to music and drawin. I joined the council to help improve the lives of those in care.  


My name is Natnael. I am 14 years old and I am a member of the CiCC. I joined because I want to make a happy life for other children in care. I like drawing and football. 


My name is Nicky, I am 13 years old. My favourite thing to do is to see my neice and nephew. I joined the Children in Care Council to change how people look at foster children. 


Hi, I'm Rhia and I'm  15. I joined the care council because I think we need to be equal. I also think we should be allowed to express our thougths and feelings on things that affect us. We should have the same opportunities as children that are not in care. I love being able to express myself and I love HRVY!