Our vision

We have been looking at how much money children in care get in foster care and children's homes in Sheffield. We found a few things that we felt needed looking at. Such as: we felt that girls should get more money for toiletries than boys and children in residential homes should get the same amounts of pocket money as children in foster care (they were getting less!) We also felt that the amount that was given for birthdays and Christmas was a bit tight

Once we got our ideas together we met with the Manager of Fostering and Adoption and The Manager of The Children's Homes and told them what we think. We drew up an action plan together.

The amount of pocket money that children and young people get has been changed and the amount of Birthday money too by managers based on our feedback. Hurray!

We are going to look at Foster and Residential Placements next and as part of this look at teh Independence Allowance Young People receive once they are 16-18.