Our vision

Social workers

We have been working on trying to improve the way Social Workers work with us and other children and young people in care in Sheffield. To do this we have:

  • Found out what younger children in care think about their Social Workers and used this to plan some things to make it better.
  • We then designed a booklet called, "Introducing your Social Worker", which is now being used by Social Workers when they meet children for the first time. We designed these bookelts ourselves. We all felt that our Social Workers ask us a lot of questions and we don't know much about them. We hope these booklets will help with that.
  • We made a film called, "Our Messages to Social Workers", which tells our stories of what it was like for us going into care. We then go onto share our main messages for Social Workers. This film is being used in training new and existing Social Workers in Sheffield and the Yorkshire and Humberside region. We won a Diana Award recognising our contribution to our local community for making this film. We have also been shortlisted for a Children and Young People Now Award so watch this space!